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I love kitchens of all descriptions, but particularly when they are cosy and cleverly designed. Our friends Joe and her husband Phil Horton live in a house in the Midlands in England and their kitchen is just gorgeous. However, when they first moved in it definitely needed work, and the space presented lots of challenges as the house was built circa 1900. Luckily Phil is good at design and building and he created a beautiful, functional space that still honours the spirit of the house and its history – and Joe’s great decorating ideas and eye for colour have finished things off beautifully.

Phil definitely faced some challenges in the renovation. He also needed to include an area for the washer and dryer as there is no separate utility room. He incorporated this area by the back entrance and used lovely glass doors on the cupboard storage panels, creating storage that is functional as well as beautiful.


I took the photo on the left standing in the entrance from the back door, with the washer, dryer and cupboards on my right and left. You then walk into the actual kitchen (note the dining area in front of you and storage unit on the right of the table). This is like a breakfast area as you walk in, and as the house has a large separate dining room, this the perfect place for light meals and snacks, or to share a buffet, as Joe and Phil very kindly did with us.

Turning left from this entry-way, you are now in the main part of the kitchen, which is recessed and contains a beautiful stove/range as well as lots and lots of under cupboard storage.


The warm reds used to decorate the kitchen juxtapose beautifully with the original bricks and make the kitchen feel really cosy. Accents of green and rich earth tones add a lovely touch. And for all it looks like a showpiece, this is a truly functional space with lots of very clever storage. The unit in the picture on the left is on casters and slides out, along with a unit on the other side, to form a large, moveable island.


And another moveable piece of cabinetry slides out and becomes a seat!


The porcelain sink is just beautiful, and the black door on the right hides a dishwasher.


There are lots of gorgeous accent pieces as well, most designed and built by Phil. Other items were obtained from both vintage and modern sources.


I just love Joe and Phil’s kitchen – it is such a warm and welcoming place, although that is due just as much to their personalities as to the design and decor of the kitchen! The functionality is just brilliant and it is such a beautiful room. I so admire how they kept the spirit of a period property, whilst making such great use of the space. I’m really grateful to them both for letting me take these photographs, and blog about their lovely home.

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