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London is buzzing with excitement about the Royal Wedding, and we are all keeping our eyes open for sightings of the happy couple in the press. Fashionistas are watching Catherine Middleton for the next new trend, and anything she is seen wearing disappears from the stores hours after the first photos hit the wire. For my first piece about Catherine’s wonderful style, which I wrote for Momtrends, please click here. Another article is coming soon.

However, as important as fashion is, there is more to the Royal Wedding than that, and this is a Royal Wedding with a difference.

There will, I am sure, be enough pomp and ceremony to please the most ardent royalist, but this is not a wedding of excesses or gratuitous spending. William and Katherine will travel to their wedding in separate state cars and they have created a Charitable Gift Fund and asked that anyone who wishes to give them a wedding gift please donate to that.

The couple seem to be striving for an informality Britain has never before experienced. They are named simply as ‘William’ and ‘Catherine’ on the official Royal Wedding coin. The Royal Channel on YouTube offers videos including their engagement photo call, an interview with the Royal couple, a video introduction to Westminster Abbey and a video about how The Royal Mews (where the royal horses and carriages are kept) are preparing for the wedding. Footage of most of their official engagements are available there too. It is almost as if they want us to feel a part of things, and by their very transparency, they are creating an event that everyone can have a chance to feel a part of.

The Official Royal Wedding Website is a fantastic and totally reliable source of information. This is the place to visit for all the latest news and announcements, from the official Royal Wedding Coin being produced by the Royal Mint to details of the carriages being used on the big day. You can also find out about the music for the Royal Wedding, and the album that is to be released to iTunes and other online retailers just hours after it finishes. You can even pre-order a copy on iTunes now.

For all their informality though, we are, in a very subtle way, being encouraged to stop abbreviating Catherine’s name. This is, of course, understandable in view of the fact that she will be titled after her wedding. I love the name Kate, but even I can’t argue that Catherine sounds more elegant. As to what those titles will be, that is up to the Queen. It is traditional that princes are given an earldom or a dukedom on their marriage, so it is likely she will be both a princess and either a duchess or countess.

Meanwhile, the lace dress she wore in the charity fashion show where she allegedly caught Prince Williams eye sold, for £78,000 (over $126,000) at auction last week, her former piano teacher has composed a song for her, Royal Wedding apps are available on iTunes, and souvenirs (the lovely, the not so lovely and the just plain wrong) are everywhere. A National Holiday has been declared for the day of the wedding (which was conveniently booked for a Friday) and as the Monday following it is already a Bank Holiday Monday for May Day it will be a four day weekend. Following on the heels of Easter (Good Friday and Easter Monday are official holidays here in the UK as well), we will have two very welcome long weekends in a row, thanks to the Royal couple.

Now if only we can count on the weather, something I’m sure has crossed Catherine Middleton’s mind more than once. Still with the gorgeous glass carriage (instead of the open state laudau) on standby for the return to Buckingham Palace in the event of rain, that worry isn’t worth wasting much time on. Whatever the weather, one thing is for certain, this is going to be a very special day, not just for the happy couple, but also for Britain. It’s a boost for tourism, but also for the nation’s collective mood, which has been less than sunny these last few months. And except amongst the grumpiest of souls, here in the UK you are hard pressed to find anyone who is not looking forward to it. In fact, there are a lot of us who really just can’t wait!

Watch this space for more Royal Wedding news as it becomes available and for more information, please visit these helpful websites

The Official Royal Wedding Website

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