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This post is the second in a new series on The 21st Century Housewife called The Place Where I Live. Learning a little bit about the place people call home is a great way to get to know them better and it can be a wonderful resource of insider knowledge for places you might like to visit one day.

Alea of Premeditated Leftovers is based in Northern Nevada. One of my Hearth and Soul Hop co-hosts, Alea and I also host The Gallery of Favorites together. An incredibly generous blogger, Alea is happy to share her both her time, ideas and excellent advice, and I am definitely a much better writer and blogger for having met her. So without further ado, over to my friend Alea!

Often before our friends or family come to visit us they will announce that they are going to Reno on their Facebook account. Invariably somebody will advise my future visitors to go to Las Vegas instead because the casinos are better, completely overlooking Northern Nevada’s best feature. Behind the skyline of Reno’s over-sized casinos tower the majestic Sierra Nevada Mountains. Between the mountains and the snow-fed rivers, Northern Nevada is teeming with opportunity for adventure.

There are many ways to view the breath-taking landscape. You can enjoy a leisurely trail ride on a horsetake a hike that matches your experience level, or view the scenery from aboat on Lake Tahoe. You can also explore one of the popular mountain bike trails like The Flume or Watson Lake from Broadway Summit.

You need not leave the adventure behind when you leave the mountains for the valley;Reno is host to many exciting activities.


This photo of Reno is courtesy of TripAdvisor

The Truckee River Whitewater Park is located in downtown Reno. It has 11 drop-pools and is 2,600 feet in length. The park has smooth flat-top rocks and boulders installed along the river banks and in-stream for easy public access, kayaking maneuvers, and viewing for those who prefer to watch the sport rather than participate. The Reno River Festival is held at the Whitewater Park each spring.

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You can find the world’s tallest outdoor Rock climbing wall in downtown Reno. It is 164-feet high and is located on the 16-story exterior façade of CommRow. Inside CommRow, you will find a world-class bouldering center. The entire climbing facility, known as BaseCamp, is built to international competition standards but is also beginner friendly.

Northern Nevada hosts many incredibly fun and unique events.

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This photo of Reno is courtesy of TripAdvisor

The Reno Rodeo is the richest, wildest rodeo in the west!  This year it is being held from June 14 – 23. There is a cattle drive, parade and carnival included in this 10 day professional rodeo. Nevadans know how to put on a proper rodeo.

July is my favorite month to live in Reno because in July Reno is transformed into Artown! Over 400 events are held throughout the region, including art exhibits, concerts, classes, magicians, and comedians. Even better, over 60% of these performances are free.

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Photo credit: Lake Tahoe Shakespeare Festival

If you possibly can, you should attend the Lake Tahoe Shakespeare Festival! This year they will be performing The Two Gentlemen of Verona from July 13 – August 26. The festival is held at the most gorgeous outdoor venue EVER! I am not exaggerating, what other venue has Lake Tahoe and the Sierra Nevada Mountains as a backdrop.

The Great Reno Balloon Race is the nation’s largest FREE balloon event. It is always held the second weekend in September. This year it will be held from September 7 – 9. Mass Ascension begins at 6:45 am each day and a Glow Show is held at 5:00 am on Saturday and Sunday. It is worth getting up early to view this event.

Reno also hosts Hot August NightsNational Championship Air RacesStreet Vibrationsand many more festivals.

A trip to our region would not be complete without a day trip to Virginia City.

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Photo credit: National Trust for Historic Preservation.

Despite some touristy souvenir shops, Virginia City is still full of treasures. It is filled with original buildings from the gold rush and still has wood sidewalks. In Virginia City, you can tour several mining tunnels, ride in a real stage coach, visit the Mark Twain Museum, and pan for gold.

After all of these activities you are going to be tired and hungry. The Staybridge Suites are located in south Reno and are conveniently located if you plan to visit Lake Tahoe and Virginia City as well as Reno. The suites also comes with a complete kitchen so you easily pack lunches for your hikes or prepare a light meal after an exhausting day on the mountain instead of going out. If you want a little more pampering, the Hyatt Regency is a full-service hotel located on a private Lake Tahoe beach. It is a lovely and relaxing location.

There are many delicious restaurants in our area. You will want to try the 4th Street Bistro if you are looking for a place to dine in downtown Reno. And if you can possible fit in a meal at Cafe Fiore in South Lake Tahoe you will not be disappointed! It is a gem, but it is a very small, so be sure to make reservations.

If you find that you have forgotten a necessary item for your outdoor adventure, you can stop in Scheel’sCabela’s or REI to buy a replacement. They are all incredibly fun outfitters, you may want to visit them even if you don’t need anything.

Oh, and we do have casinos. It is Nevada after all.

Thank you so much for this wonderful post, Alea! 

Alea Milham shares her tips for saving money and time while reducing waste in her home at Premeditated Leftovers. She believes it is possible to live fully and eat well while spending less. Alea can be found on Pinterest and Facebook.

For the first post in The Place Where I Live series, Kristy Lynn’s Victoria, please click here. If you love the place where you live, and would like to write a guest post in this series, please email me.

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