The Secretly Seeded One and Jo Pratt’s Top Tips for Hidden Goodness

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It can be hard to get kids to eat healthy bread. Most kids love the white ‘plastic’ bread you can buy in the supermarket and will do anything to avoid eating something that has a whole grain or seed in it. But, finally… mums have a secret weapon to get their kids to eat seeded bread! The Secretly Seeded One®, a NEW delicious white loaf from Kingsmill is baked with finely milled seeds and grains for a really smooth seeded bread.

The Secretly Seeded One® from Kingsmill is part of a new range of three deliciously soft seeded loaves, each with a different level of texture, so they’re perfect for all the family. The Lightly Seeded One® is baked with a sprinkling of seeds and grains, whereas The Really Seeded One® is packed with bits so it’s perfect for seed lovers!

To mark the launch, renowned food writer, home economist and mum Jo Pratt has cooked up an exciting series of delicious recipes to help mums get some extra hidden goodness into foods that children will love. I’ll be sharing some of those recipes over the next couple of days both here and on The 21st Century Housewife’s Kitchen.

In the meantime, Jo has shared some great tips for how to help make sure kids get the right types of food in their diet while still managing a peaceful atmosphere around the family table.

<3>Jo Pratt’s Top Tips for Hidden Goodness

1.When adding any extra goodness into children’s meals start by using small quantities, then when they get a taste for it, gradually increase the quantities.

2.Cook fresh chopped vegetables such as courgette, carrot, broccoli and leek, with tinned tomatoes, garlic, onion and olive oil then blend until smooth. Use this ‘tomato’ sauce as a tasty pasta sauce, pizza topping, or even as a base to tomato soup.

3.Make fresh fruit milkshakes/smoothies to get more fruit into your children’s diet. The more colourful they are, the more children will be attracted to them. Strawberries are a perfect ingredient to blend with milk until smooth, strain and serve in a nice glass with a straw.

4.Puree fresh or dried fruits and add to rice pudding, porridge or plain yogurt so kids can have fun making their own new and exciting flavour combinations.

5.When baking, substitute a third to a half of the white flour with wholemeal flour; it will add flavour and nutrients to baked products. Even try adding a few oats when possible (such as to a crumble topping or to muffins).

These sound like great ideas for the whole family. I must admit, I’ve been using the advice in tip number 5 for years. It adds a really nice flavour and texture, as well as being a great way to get more whole grains into the whole family’s diet .

Do pop back over the next few days for some of Jo’s delicious recipes using The Secretly Seeded One®. It’s available throughout the UK, but even if you can’t get it where you are, Jo’s recipes will give you some great foodie inspiration!

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