The Tweed Run


We were in London yesterday to see my son perform with the West End Academy. On our way to lunch afterwards we stumbled on The Tweed Run. Coming up out of the gloom of Piccadilly Circus tube station, we were confronted with hundreds of vintage bikes with riders dressed in period costumes, zooming round Lower Regent Street and past Piccadilly Circus itself. We managed to cross over and follow them a bit, and they then flew past us up Regent Street.

Since 2009, The Tweed Run has been held annually and has raised money for a different charity each year. It’s a friendly 10 mile bike ride round many of London’s famous sites – including St Paul’s Cathedral, Big Ben and Buckingham Palace. A marvellous thing to behold, everyone is in vintage costumes, and many riding vintage bicycles. We even saw some antique Penny Farthings and a lot of old tandem bicycles. It was a real family friendly event as well with lots of parents taking part with their children, including a dad and his daughter on a bicycle built for two and the very strong mum in the photograph below who had both of her children in a specially built basket on the front of her bike. They were all dressed in vintage clothing and the basket was full of flowers, but it was all too much for the little girl, who had nodded off in the front of the basket!


I’m sorry it isn’t a better picture, but the bicycles were moving very fast and it was a really sunny day! There are some much better photos over here at Andy Barnham’s site including one of actor Ewan McGregor, who took part in the Tweed Run this year.

The Tweed Run really was like nothing I have ever seen in London before – particularly round Piccadilly Circus – and I’m so glad we stumbled on it like we did.

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