Three Days to Go…

Photo Alexander J Harris

Photo Alexander J Harris

With only three days to go to the wedding of the year, things really are getting exciting. Sightings of Catherine Middleton have done nothing to calm anyone, and Clarence House are making it even worse by sending out tempting tweets on Twitter. It’s wonderful! Their most recent, “What will it look like inside Westminster Abbey on the day? The trees start to arrive” linked to this Twitpic.


Oh my goodness, trees – inside? If you actually go to the Twitpic here you can see that huge tree is in a pot. How they are going to get it through the door I don’t know, but I’m sure they will manage – and how beautiful will that glorious, historic place of worship be with trees?! I am becoming quite delirious with excitement and we are not even talking about the dress yet!

May I suggest that you follow @ClarenceHouse on Twitter to keep up with all the latest?

The Official Royal Wedding website has announced today that Shane Connolly, a London based floral designer, has been chosen by the Royal Couple to create the floral displays at Westminster Abbey and Buckingham Palace. To read more, please click here to go to the Official Royal Wedding website announcement. It all sounds absolutely beautiful, and very moving, as it seems the designs follow a theme that pays tribute to the ancient language of flowers, and many are sourced from Royal Estates. The floral decorations will be left on site at Westminster Abbey until 6th May for the public to view, when many of the trees will be taken to Prince Charles’ Highgrove Estate to be planted.

The Official Royal Wedding website really is the place to watch for announcements over the next few days. It is accurate information literally direct from the source, and is very easy to navigate. It is also a place where you can personally send a gift to the Royal Couple in the form of a donation to charities they have selected. There is scope to choose which charities you wish to give to, and after you donate, you are offered the chance to personally send a message to the Royal Couple. People from all over the world have donated, and it is a lovely way to feel a part of things.


Meanwhile, last week Catherine Middleton was spotted shopping in Chelsea’s famous King’s Road. She shopped at Sloane Square’s famous Peter Jones department store, and proved that just because she is mere days away from becoming a princess, she is not about to abandon the high street, purchasing at Whistles and Warehouse among other stores. You can read more about it here on the Daily Mail’s website.

Spotted leaving her hair stylist, James Pryce at Richard Ward, with her hair in a chignon, the press is now speculating this is how she will wear her hair on the day. I think this was a bit of a red herring on the part of Miss Middleton. Seriously, would you wear the hairstyle you are planning to wear for your wedding out in public before the big day? I somehow doubt it, and I still think she will wear her hair away from her face, half up and half down. However she wears it though, I know she will look absolutely beautiful.

Last minute rumours put Sophie Cranston of Libélula in the running as designer of the dress, but a spokesman is quoted as saying: “For the purpose of clarification we are not designing Kate Middleton’s wedding dress. We, like everyone else, can’t wait to find out who is.” So it’s back to speculating then…

Actually, The Official Royal Wedding website have promised to be first with details of the dress and that is what I will be keeping an eye on from very early indeed on Friday morning.

It’s definitely an exciting time to be in England, and like many others, I can hardly wait for the big day. Watch this space for more updates!

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