Visiting The Savoy London

Visiting The Savoy
I waited my whole life to stay at The Savoy – it was ‘on my list’ from the time I was a teenager. Then in one of those fabulous coincidences that make you feel like God might be winking at you, I stayed there twice in the space of a month. However visiting The Savoy London became more than just ticking something off my bucket list, in The Savoy I have found a hotel I hope I will have the pleasure of returning to again and again.

From the moment I arrived, I felt welcome. The doorman escorted me from my taxi into the lobby and introduced me to a member of staff who took me to a private desk for check in. I was given a tour of the public areas of the hotel and was then shown to my room.

Visiting The Savoy

The rooms were beautifully appointed. On our first visit we stayed in a Superior Queen, actually the most basic room available, and on the second we were in a King Deluxe, one level up. In both cases the rooms were beautifully appointed and laid out with spacious marble bathrooms. Both rooms were absolutely perfectly formed, with a place for everything as well as everything one might need, from toiletries to elegantly engraved stationery.

Visiting the Savoy Visiting The Savoy London put me in very good company. So many historic figures and famous faces have attended events, stayed – and even lived – here since it opened its doors for the first time in the late nineteenth century. Artist Claude Monet, Sir Laurence Olivier, Vivien Leigh, Noel Coward, Frank Sinatra, Marilyn Monroe, every British monarch since George VI, the list goes on.  A favourite of Winston Churchill. Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Harris, over the years The Savoy has earned the title of ‘the best hotel in London’.

The Savoy had a sensitive three year refurbishment from 2007 – 2010 and even the lifts (elevators) are beautiful.

Visiting the Savoy

It really is a historic venue. Marconi made the first wireless broadcast between Britain and the USA from The Savoy in 1923. Winston Churchill held cabinet dinners here. The then Princess Elizabeth and Prince Philip made their first public appearance as a couple at a wedding reception here. It’s also the site of the one of the longest surviving cocktail bar in London, The American Bar. A wonderful place to soak up the atmosphere of The Savoy, cocktails in The American Bar are expensive but seriously good. In fact, it’s a fun way of experiencing The Savoy if your budget is too tight for you to stay there. Alternatively, you could have Afternoon Tea in the Thames Foyer, a lovely airy restaurant area in the middle of the hotel or pick up a bite to eat or a treat at the newly opened Melba at The Savoy located directly on the corner of Savoy Court just outside the hotel.

The Beaufort Bar off The Thames Foyer is my favourite place to enjoy a drink at The Savoy. It’s like stepping back into the era of the Great Gatsby with its centre-stage Lalique style bar. The atmosphere is elegant but cosy (sadly far too dark to take photographs) and on our second visit we skipped the American Bar in favour of The Beaufort Bar.

I dined alone on my first visit here as my husband was at a business dinner, but I was made to feel very welcome in The Thames Foyer where I enjoyed a delicious lobster club sandwich and a glass of Chablis.

Visiting The Savoy
There are lots of other dining options at The Savoy including the famous Savoy Grill and Kaspar’s Seafood Bar & Grill.

Visiting the Savoy
Breakfasts at the Savoy are lovely too. On both occasions our breakfast was served overlooking a beautiful view of The Embankment and the Thames.

Visiting the Savoy London
One of the most unique London properties I have had the pleasure of staying in, The Savoy has an unpretentious elegance that makes it everything I love in a hotel. There is no getting away from the fact it is expensive but both my husband and I felt it represented good value for money considering its location and the calibre of the accommodation and service. Whilst I am sure few of us ordinary mortals would stay here for long periods, The Savoy London is perfect for a short break in the capital or an intimate weekend away and I really can’t wait to return!


This review represents my honest opinion of this property and I was not compensated or incentivised in any way. 

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  1. Delighted you managed to cross this off “the list” not once, but twice. I’m not sure I can stretch to staying here, but that frothy coffee looks awfully good.
    Which did you prefer: the Savoy, or Cliveden?

    • Interesting question, Pauline. It’s really hard to choose between them! I loved Cliveden because it was so very historic and elegant. The Savoy is a bit ‘newer’ in comparison but it still has lots of history and it’s very elegant too. For stepping back in time, and really being able to immerse yourself in the experience, it’s got to be Cliveden. However, in terms of London I adore the Savoy because while it is historic it is very modern in terms of facilities and the service is second to none. The Savoy really makes for an amazing London experience 😀

  2. Oh my goodness, how fabulous! I’d say the planets aligned and The Universe responded for you! 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing with us. Now I’m adding The Savoy to my bucket list. 😉


  3. Just going to London is on my bucket list! How fun that you got to stay there twice!

  4. Thanks for linking up! I love that elevator!

  5. Gorgeous. Stunning. Envious!!

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