Ways to Bless a Recovering Friend

Ways to Bless a Recovering Friend

One of the things I love about blogging these past twelve years is the wonderful friends I have made. Judy of Savoring Today is one of them. I first worked with Judy several years ago when she was a Hearth and Soul Blog Hop co-host. Judy is an extremely talented cook and recipe developer and I so admire her ethos of savoring food, life and the present moment.

Judy and I have stayed in touch over the years via our blogs and Facebook. She has not been well these last few months and I’ve been very concerned for her. Judy is in my thoughts and prayers as she moves forward with her recovery and I’m honoured to be a guest writer for her today.

There are many seasons in our lives and when we find ourselves facing one that includes health issues it can be incredibly daunting. The support of friends and family means everything at times like these. However it is easy for them to feel unsure about ways to bless a recovering friend. To visit Savoring Today and read more about creative ways to support a friend or family member recovering from illness or surgery please click here.

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  1. What a lovely post April 🙂
    Judy is definitely lucky to have met you and to have you as her friend

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