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Everybody needs a little help from time to time, and I am no exception. The lovely photograph you see above is the ‘after’ photo of our garage. I’m not even sure I want to show you the ‘before’, but I’m going to swallow my pride and do it. Gulp.


I know. I’m cringing too. Just to put you in the picture (many readers will know this already), we moved two weeks after my Father died in November 2007. My Mom then died January 6, 2008. In that eight week period, I crossed the Atlantic ocean eight times, back and forth between England and Canada. If I’m honest, I remember very little clearly, but one thing I do remember was moving day. My heart heavy and my mind an exhausted blur,  I repeatedly instructed the movers to , ‘Just put it in the garage’.  While I managed to organise our house in the ensuing 4 years, not much came inside from the garage. In fact, we mostly put more stuff in it. By January of this year, I didn’t know where anything was and I dreaded having to go out there.

Enter the lovely Shirley Wilkinson of Works for You, Professional Organisers.

Now I’m the kind of girl who normally organises everyone else, so asking for help was not easy for me. Not only that, I was worried that I might feel pushed to get rid of things I wanted to keep. All my concerns were all unfounded.

After talking with me to determine what we wanted from our garage (storage, room for one car from time to time), Shirley helped me begin the process of deciding what to keep and what to get rid of. We had three main sections – one for the tip/dump, one for charity shops, and one to sell.  There was also a space for things that needed dry cleaning /repair etc.


We sorted everything out together, and I felt totally in control the whole time. In fact, Shirley often encouraged me to keep things I was unsure about. Then, I was sent inside while she got on putting everything in order.

The service Works for You provide is totally comprehensive. Not only was everything put back in a wonderfully organised fashion, the garage was cleaned, floors swept and cobwebs removed. Then Shirley took away everything I no longer needed, as well as the dry cleaning. She took the rubbish to the tip, the things for charity to the charity shop, and looked after selling the items I wanted to sell, returning the proceeds to me. She even got me a great deal on the dry cleaning!

I am so impressed by the service Works For You provide. It’s comprehensive, compassionate and great value for money. Now, when I need something from the garage I don’t hesitate to go out there, and I always find everything first time.

I never dreamed our garage could look like this.


West Berkshire based Works for You offer bespoke organising services – from bedroom, kitchen and living area de-cluttering and makeovers, to garage and office tidy ups. They even offer services to help you move, including home staging to help you sell your home, and packing/unpacking. A pleasure to work with, Works for You can transform any cluttered space into a space that really does Work for You!

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The 21st Century Housewife has not been paid for this post. Works for You did not charge me to clean our garage. However there was no obligation on my part to review them, and this post contains my honest opinion and heartfelt recommendation.

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