Wreath Making at The Green Parlour


Having already attended one flower arranging class at Green Parlour’s Flower School, I knew that I would enjoy their Wreath Making Class. I never thought I was particularly good at flower arranging, but Emma’s classes are so good, even I can do beautiful things with flowers.

We started with an oasis wreath form, pre-soaked and ready to go. Emma gave us a few great tips about using oasis.

Always soak oasis before use, but do not push it down into the water. Forcing oasis under the water can cause air pockets to form, and any stems inserted into the air bubble won’t have any water.

Never re-use oasis or re-insert flowers into already existing holes. Oasis allows water to virtually seal around the flower stem and if the seal is not tight, the flower will not last as long.

Mist arrangements in oasis regularly.

We got started by trimming the edges of the oasis in the wreath form, rounding it off in order to improve the finished appearance of the wreath.


Emma then showed us how to build up layers of foliage, flowers and plants to create the appearance we wanted. We started with eucalyptus. Emma explained how to position it in the oasis, moving round the wreath form so that you get a nice rounded shape. (You don’t want any of the foliage sticking straight out.)


We then cut pieces of fir boughs to add to our wreaths, followed by some berried foliage. Once the shape of the wreaths was established, we were allowed to choose between roses and orchids or dried pinecones and oranges for our wreaths, depending on the look we wanted.


We finished off our wreaths by wiring sliced dried limes and oranges, pinecones, dried seed heads and little mushrooms, filling in any remaining gaps with these ‘garnishes’. All the wreaths turned out beautifully – here are just two made by other participants in the workshop.


I was amazed at how easy the correct instruction made it to produce such beautiful wreaths. It was a really lovely morning as well, with lots of coffee, good conversation and even some lovely mulled wine.

As I already had a wreath on our front door (made by the lovely ladies at Green Parlour of course!) I decided to remove the hook from the wreath I made and turn it into a table centre. By simply adding a candle, it became a wonderful accent on our dining room table.


Green Parlour run flower schools throughout the year. You can find out more by clicking here.

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