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Shloer is the sparkling juice drink for any occasion, and it contains no preservatives, artificial colours, sweeteners or flavourings. As it also contains no alcohol it is suitable for everyone, and it’s a great choice to accompany a delicious pub meal. That is why I was so pleased to learn that Ember Pub and Dining are now stocking Shloer at their premium local pubs.

Our local Ember Pub and Dining is The Grosvenor at Caversham, but for some reason I had never visited before. I was very pleased to be asked to go along and sample their delicious Gastro Pub Food alongside a refreshing glass of Shloer. We were warmly welcomed and the atmosphere was friendly and convivial. The food was excellent too. I enjoyed a wonderful plate of classic comfort food – fish and chips and peas perfectly complimented by a crisp glass of Shloer White Grape.


My son ordered the sirloin steak, deliciously cooked to medium, alongside a glass of Shloer Red Grape. It’s distinctly rounded flavour really enhanced the taste of his meal.

The servings were very generous, but we still managed to find room for a shared dessert of honeycomb ice cream from Devon topped with shortbread crumbles. It was one of many tempting choices on the extensive dessert menu.


Now that Shloer is available at Ember Pub and Dining all year round, everyone can experience a delicious gastro pub meal complimented by a refreshing, grown up drink any day of the week. It’s a satisfying healthier option I look forward to enjoying again in the very near future.

To find your local Ember Pub and Dining, please click here. Shloer is also available at good supermarkets across the UK.

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